Local November 25, 2013 | 8:49 am

Government has to publish plan on immigrants, attorney warns

Santo Domingo.- The prominent attorney Vinicio Castillo Seman on Sunday asked the Government to comply with Law 200-04 and publish the Plan to Regulate Undocumented Immigrants,.

He said its mandatory to publish that type of regulation well in advance of issuing any collateral Executive Order..

Castillo, senior leader of the conservative pro-government FNP party, said society has the right to know in advance which processes will be enacted, “above all, because most of the undocumented Haitian nationals have no birth certificate, or ID and even less a passport from their country.”

"The Government reported it approved the regularization Plan last Friday, and prepares the corresponding Decree. It must comply with the law before issuing it, publishing it in all media to let society know everything related to this plan so they can hear opinions from different sectors."

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