Local November 27, 2013 | 8:24 am

Prosecution seeks more time to investigate Colombian brothers

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry’s Anti-laundering Prosecutor asked a San Cristóbal court to declare complex the case against four Colombians, including the Buitrago brothers and a Dominican woman linked to an drug lab found in a farm in the village Sabana Toro (south).

Anti-laundering Unit director Germán Miranda requested an extension of the investigation in the case of the brothers Huber Osvaldo Buitrago, Angel Maria Buitrago, Jhon Jairo Roldan, Ángel Fernando Vargas and the Dominican Dersilida Ambalina Patrone, being held in various facilities, whereas Carlos Alberto Osoborno is still at large.

The prosecution calls the case complex, since the accused form part of a criminal structure that traffics drug and launders money.

The Court set the next hearing in case at 9am on December 11.

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