Local November 29, 2013 | 8:03 am

Deadlock with Dominican Republic solved ‘sooner or later’: top Haiti diplomat

Port au Prince.- Haitian Foreign Minister Pierre-Richard Casimir on Thursday regretted Dominican Republic’s decision not to attend the bilateral meeting slated for tomorrow Saturday, but noted that he’s convinced that the impasse between the two Nations "will be resolved sooner or later," EFE reports.

The two Hispaniola neighbors are in the grip of a diplomatic crisis in the aftermath of thee Dominican Constitutional Court which denies citizenship to thousands of offspring of undocumented aliens.

Tensions were exacerbated Wednesday once when Santo Domingo recalled its Ambassador and Port-au-Prince, a decision the Dominican government took after Haiti president Michel Martelly in a meeting of CARICOM warned that the ruling “would destabilize the region.”

Haiti and Dominican Republic delegations had planned to meet in Caracas Saturday to ease the tension.

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