Local December 5, 2013 | 8:52 am

Human Rights Commission ‘won’t spook anyone’: Dominican senators

Santo Domingo.- The delegation of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission has riled some senators, who on Wednesday affirmed that they came to the country “with the conviction against the Dominican Republic already written.”

Senate president Reinaldo Pared revealed that he didn’t receive the delegation’s members, "because they wanted to impose the time on me. I didn’t receive them because the date and time are set by me."

Pedernales province senator Dionis Sánchez said to be concerned by the Commission’s close-minded and radical position, "and I fear that they’ve arrived in the country with a pre-drafted report to punish the country."

The Commission’s delegation has met with various sectors and has received reports of people across the country jeopardized by the Constitutional Court ruling, as well as with government officials and legislators.

Espaillat province José Rafael Vargas called the Commission’s position “neither here nor there,” and warned that “they aren’t the boogeyman to spook anyone in the country."

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