Local March 22, 2013 | 7:51 am

More senior officers named in Dominican Rep. 680K drug bust

Santo Domingo.- A drug ring that includes five military and National Police colonels shipped drugs through Punta Cana Airport, where 682 packages of cocaine seized on Wednesday, reports elcaribe.com.do, citing confidential documents, where the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) describes the officers as an "escort service."

The document on the year-long investigation to trap the officers identifies Army colonels Marino of Jesus Tejada and Nelson of Jesus Viloria Otáñez, José Anastacio Brea Román, of the Police and Carlos Samuel Rodríguez Díaz, of the Air Force.

The authorities seized 682 packages of drugs which the DNCD and the Justice Ministry link to Air Force colonel José Brazobán Adames, assigned to the Airport Security Corp (CESAC), and Army captain Bolívar Alberto Mercado Díaz, considered the ringleaders of the senior officers who were hired as an "escort service" to various drug trafficking networks.

Mercado Diaz was reportedly paid two million dollars to protect the drug shipped to Europe, with a stop at the Azores islands.

The captain’s experience

According to the report rendered to DNCD president Rolando Rosado, Mercado Díaz has a long history as an "escort" of drug shipments through Punta Cana Airport, where antinarcotics agents took part in various criminal activities.

This document quotes Mercado Díaz and Police Capt. Rafael Aníbal de la Rosa Tapia, as saying that they made the colonels Fermín Tejada and Brea Román "millionaires."