Local January 7, 2014 | 9:34 am

Catholic Church: Authorities, media are indifferent to violence

Santo Domingo.- The Catholic Church’s Pastoral Youthon Monday railed against authorities and the media, calling the former indifferentto violence, and the latter for allegedly exploiting it commercially.

"The social and spiritual crisis has led childrento witness family violence and all the negative environment this inhumanattitude entails, prompting the death of many people before the indifference ofmany, authorities and many media using it for commercial advantage," says thestatement was read by the minor Hugo Donastorg Luciano, during a service heldat the America’s Cathedral to mark the Epiphany.

The Pastoral also criticises the "socialinequality and lack of commitment of evangelization by those of us within the variouspastorals which have added to that crisis, a spiritual crisis."

They ask the authorities to be more energetic andresponsible to curb the social problems, as the children in the Cathedral twicechanted, "enough. No to family violence!"

During the service cardinal Nicolas de JesusLopez Rodriguez called on society to take care for the poor children to bringthem joy.

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