Local January 7, 2014 | 8:19 am

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Chopper, radar escalate war on drug trafficking

Santo Domingo- The head of the Drugs Control Agency(DNCD) on Monday announced the outfitting of a Huey helicopter to deploy troopsquickly to vulnerable points, as well as an air surveillance radar to be installedat San Isidro Airbase, to escalate the war on drug trafficking.

Julio César Souffront also revealed that a mobileradar has already been installed in Cabo Rojo, Pedernales (southwest) and oneTucano intercept plane is stationed at Barahona.

When asked if the courts release drug traffickerssuspects easily, the head of the DNCD said it’s a topic for Dominican societyto decide. "We do nothing with all our efforts, together with the prosecutors,if some interim judges hand down rulings which do in fact violate the counter-narcoticssystem."

In December the DNCD reported several major bustsand infiltrated agents into neighborhoods of the capital and major cities toalso fight drug pushers.

Souffront spoke during the handout of toys to thechildren of its agents to mark the Epiphany.

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