Local January 13, 2014 | 9:53 am

Medina, put your pants on, fight corruption- Grassroots group

Santo Domingo.- The grassroots movement La Multitud (the crowd) on Sunday urged president Danilo Medina to "put his pants on" if he really wants to be remembered as the country’s President.

"Danilo is going to end his rule insipidly, if he fails to prosecute those who ransacked the country," said organization spokesman Franiel Genao.

He demanded that Medina take 2014 to fight the impunity and corruption he affirms still grip the Dominican Republic.

Genao spoke in one of several activities held around the country to honor Los Palmeros, a group of young men who lost their lives fighting the impunity and corruption during the 12-year police state headed by the late president Joaquin Balaguer.

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