Local January 30, 2014 | 4:18 pm

Powerful bishop lauds the President’s sovereignty stance at regional summit

Santo Domingo.- Catholic church bishop Agripino Núñez personally congratulated president Danilo Medina on Thursday for his defense of national sovereignty in his speech at the Summit of the Latin American and Caribbean Community, Celac, in Cuba.

"We should be proud to have a President with this very clear awareness of responsibility and to preserve that for what (Juan Pablo) Duarte fought, for a free, independent and sovereign Republic, not accepting interference from any foreign power," said Núñez, considered the second most influential Catholic prelate, after cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez.

He called Medina’s clarifications of great height and dignity, in the ideal place to do so.

"We’ll trust that those who seek something else will stop and let both countries (Haiti, Dominican Republic) understand each other."

Núñez, who heads the prestigious PUCMM University, spoke after a meeting with Medina to keep him abreast of the current status on proposals for the pact on education and that he expects it will be signed by the middle of next month.

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