Local February 25, 2014 | 2:33 pm

Reporter fired as Dominican TV icon, Venezuela envoy row spreads

Santiago.- The journalist Paloma Martínez on Twitter confirmed she had been fired from Dominican Republic’ leading news network NCDN, whose director is the also journalist Nuria Piera.

The news comes just two days after Piera and Venezuela ambassador Alberto Castellar staged a heated argument over his country’s turmoil during a live interview on channel 37.

Martinez was reportedly fired after tweeting a photo together with Castellar, who claimed that Piera disrespected him during the interview in the program "Enfoque Final."

The brouhaha between Piera and Castellar even drew a harsh response from Ecuador president Rafael Correa, who affirmed that the Dominican journalist turned the interview into a political platform.

Outlet caribbeandigital.net reports that Martinez went to Venezuela’s Embassy for a news conference and once there, the diplomat asked her to accompany him in a photo. “She agreed and uploaded the snapshot on twitter with the comment "@PalomaMartinezC: Ambassador of Venezuela in the Dr. Alberto Castellar welcomes @CDN37 journalist and to embassy headquarters and asks for a photo with her."

Piera, considered the country’s top investigative journalist, isn’t a stranger to controversy with her reports, that some consider muckraking.

Dominican Today’s repeated calls to Piera’s NCDN office for a comment went unanswered.

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