Local March 6, 2014 | 10:39 am

Dominican Republic leader resumes mass production of generals

Santo Domingo.- With a decree announced Thursday Dominican Republic president Danilo Medina resumes the mass production of military generals, promoting 16 colonels to the rank of brigadier.

The number of promotions comes as a surprise given Medina’s campaign pledge to cut the staggering number of generals -nearly 300 as recent as two years ago- which made the country a laughing stock.

Ramón Enríque Jiménez, Rafael Antonio Carrasco, Sugar Puttzi Frugis, Pedro Pablo Hurtado, Rubén Darío Contreras, Julio Cesar Solano, Luis Alberto Coronado and Vicente Mota Medina are the new Army generals.

The Navy’s new admirals are Edmundo Néstor Martín Félix, Franklin Jacob Diaz, Emilio Recio Segura and Félix Ernesto Cedeño, while the Air Force has Elvis Marcelino Feliz and Richard Vásquez Jiménez, Nelson Miguel Moquete and Oscar Ceballos Hidalgo.

Medina’s decree promotes a total of 2,911 members of Dominican Republic’ military branches.

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