Local March 6, 2014 | 1:11 pm

U.S. works to bolster extradition treaty: Envoy

Santo Domingo.- U.S. ambassador James W. Brewster on Thursday said his country works to amend the extradition treaty with the Dominican Republic in effect since August 2, 1910.

He said both countries work hard to revise the pact to ensure that the laws violated on both sides are properly prosecuted so offenders don’t go unpunished.

The diplomat, speaking after participating in the seminar "International zero discrimination day” as declared by the UN on March 1, stressed Washington’s commitment to punish persons who commit crimes, mainly drug trafficking and money laundering.

"I feel a great respect for the justice system in the Dominican Republic, but I cannot address a particular case," Brewster said when asked about Dominican officials’ complaints that when felons are extradited to his country they get off with light a sentence.

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