Local March 8, 2014 | 9:32 am

Dominican Republic Court rules against deputies’ hushed slush fund

Santo Domingo.- The Constitutional Court on Friday ordered the Chamber of Deputies to immediate disclose the information available, and which has been requested, on its social welfare programs.

Landmark ruling TC/0039/14 orders the release of the reports, except for personal data that could violate the privacy of such programs’ beneficiaries of the slush funds so-called “barrilito” (little barrel).

It overturns an August 31, 2012, ruling by the Superior Administrative Court, which denied an injunction requested by Reemberto José de Jesús Pichardo Juan against the Chamber of Deputies.

In a majority decision with the dissenting opinion by justice Katia Miguelina Jimenez, the high Courtruled that the case violates the plaintiff’s right to free access to information of a public nature.

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