Local March 10, 2014 | 7:55 am

Judge says Puerto Rican kingpin’s wife cannot leave the country

Santo Domingo.- National District Sentencing judge Saulo Ysabel Díaz ruled that the wife Puerto Rican kingpin José Figueroa Agosto , Leavy Yadira Nin Batista, and Madeline Bernard, widow of the murdered colonel José Amado Gonzalez, cannot travel out of the country.

The judge ruled that the two women, sentenced to a five years in prison for money laundering linked to Figueroa’s network, haven’t submitted documents to sustain their request.

Nin’s lawyer Félix Portes had asked the court to allow her to leave the country during 12 months to ensure her personal safety.

Bernard’s attorney Carlos Balcácer requested the temporary lifting of her travel restriction.

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