Local April 9, 2014 | 9:53 am

Dominican Republic unions list demands to amend Labor Code

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s labor unions will take their demands leading to a proposed amendment of the Labor Code, and will meet with officials at the National Palace staring 3:30pm Thursday.

Among other changes the union leaders seek to increase the number of unionized workers allowed in a company as participants in collective bargaining.

Union leaders Rafael Abreu, Jacobo Ramos and Gabriel del Río affirm however that the issue of severance pay don’t form part of the talks because “it’s an acquired right that is not at stake."

Abreu also proposes a change to the voluntary layoffs, noting that under the current rule employees lose all their benefits.”What we want is for no one to leave with empty handed, because in his view it’s unfair and should be more balanced.

The union leaders said they won’t accept changes to management’s obligation to pay extra for overtime and for holidays.

Gangs of lawyers

Ramos affirmed that the unions are aware that lawyers have formed ‘gangs’ to extort companies over labor cases, and rejects those actions because in his view they also jeopardize workers.

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