Local April 11, 2014 | 4:11 pm

Medina adds 4 full-day schools at a cost of RD$148.9M

San Pedro, Dominican Republic.- "We believe that yes, we can believe in people, we can believe that all children in our country can have a quality education to be able to grow with greater knowledge and preparation," said visibly moved eighth grader Angela Urania Matos in the opening ceremony for the elementary school at Punta Pescador on Friday.

President Danilo Medina cut the ribbon for four other schools in as many communities in the east region province and in Villa Velázquez (northwest), adding another 71 classrooms to the full-day program at a cost of RD$148.9 million.

"It fill us with joy and satisfaction knowing that we have people concerned for our country, for our education and mainly for us the children, we are the future of the country," Matos said and gave thanks on behalf of all her schoolmates for making their dream a reality.

Since February 17 Medina has inaugurated 88 schools totalling 1,102 new and repaired classrooms at a cost of more than RD$2.7 billion across the country.

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