Local May 2, 2014 | 1:36 pm

Politico wants probe into Dominican Government bank US$27.9M scandal

Santo Domingo.- Pro-government PRSC party leader Humberto Salazar on Friday asked the Banks Superintendent to disclose the list of people with defaulted loans from the State-owned National Housing Bank (BNV) and to appraise properties placed as collateral, in the heels of the scandal at the entity headed by PRSC president Federico Antun (Quiqui).

Dominican Republic media report losses of more than RD$1.2 billion (US$2.9 million) at the BNV and 21% of its loans in default, while the Banks Superintendence acknowledge the BNV’s “seriously deteriorated situation.”

Salazar said the situation merits a thorough investigation as who took the loans, collaterals and why an external audit “radically contradicts” the institution’s alleged profits cited in its financial statements.

"For us, as members of the PRSC party and allies of the (ruling) PLD in multiple elections, it’s important to establish which members of the party leadership have benefited with loans from the BNV and under what conditions, so there’s no confusion or mix sheep and wolves," said Salazar.

"BNV’s financial situation could lead people to believe that its funds were distributed as part of a bounty of political favors for the PRSC leadership, of which I was a member for several years, and I think it’s relevant that Banks superintendent Rafael Camilo clear up the that institution’s situation," he said, adding that Justice minister Francisco Domínguez should conduct a thorough investigation.

An Antun again

Antun is no stranger to scandal. During the last administration of late president Joaquin Balaguer and the start of Leonel Fernandez’s in1996, Anun’s brother,Manuel (Tete) Antún, was indicted for an embezzlement of RD$93.0 million at the National Lottery, but the case never came to trial.

The scandal also involved Haitian national Frederick Marzouka, still fugitive, and retired Army Co. Pedro Julio (Pepe) Goico Guerrero.

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