Local May 6, 2014 | 10:49 am

Accusations drown village rebuilt at swelled lake

Santo Domingo.- The mayor of the rebuilt village at Boca de Cachón on Tuesday warned of irregularities in the census to distribute the government-built houses at Nueva Boca de Cachón.

Fernando Novas said the town’s residents won’t attend the meetings to evaluate the distribution of the dwellings because the agreements were changed without his presence.

"It’s something I call nebulous and a game of cat and mouse because I’ve met with the people responsible for verification several times, preselected and approved who or what families must be given their houses and once we turn our back, the opposite of what we agreed and reviewed surges the very next day," Novas sai.

In a statement the official accused project chief Gen. Rafael de Luna Pichirilo of "letting himself be misguided by a group of people fond of others’ belongings, which have usurped my jurisdiction as this community’s representative by not taking into account my opinions and suggestions as to who or whom should in fact get a decent roof."

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