Local May 15, 2014 | 8:01 am

‘Put down hired killers’ Dominican Republic Senators tell police

Santo Domingo.- Several Senators on Wednesday railed against what they call an "industry of the hit-men" surging in the Dominican Republic, and asked the Defence Ministry and the National Police to "put them down" those criminals.

Samana (northeast) senator Prim Pujals said the Senate must defend what he calls a terrified society. "I support the Chief of Police’s stance, who has raised the flag to deal with the contract killers who take people’s lives, bad or not, but they’re human beings."

He said the Senate should lead the nation to confront the murders "by those bloodthirsty people who charge for killing people sometimes by mistake."

The Senator from Espaillat (central), José Rafael Vargas agreed with Pujals, and noted that the Sing German family is in mourning today, after assassins killed their daughter Natasha by mistake.

He also noted the attack by hired killers against Jordi Veras, son of prominent attorney Ramón Antonio (Negro) Veras.

"Here the killings on blackmail have arisen which doesn’t mean violence per se, the killings for extortion used against public figures, and even more criminal that the killings from violence, which entails murders linked to organized crime," Vargas said.

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