Local May 20, 2014 | 12:09 pm

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Top traffic cop repeats predecessors’’ bravado(Update)

Santo Domingo.- Presidency administrative minister Jose Ramon Peralta on Tuesday called the traffic chaos which passenger vehicle drivers unleashed in the Capital “intolerable.”

He said the Government is respects peaceful protests but not the havoc which jeopardizes citizens.

File. Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) director Juan Gerónimo Brown on Tuesday followed in the steps of his predecessors by warning the unions of passenger vehicles that his agents would enforce Transit Law 241, after the groups called “the country’s owners” unleashed traffic chaos along the capital’s busy artery, 27 de Febrero Av.

"Our institution will not allow drivers to take over the streets and change our firm manner of work," the official told the groups which roiled the morning commute.

The drivers blocked several avenues in the Capital, demanding to be allowed to use the underpasses on their routes, which AMET opposes.

In a statement to the media, Brown warned the passenger vehicle drivers that they cannot create new routes. "The senseless obstruction of important traffic routes of the Capital is in response to the measures taken by AMET to prevent the inappropriate use of underpasses and overpasses."

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