Local May 26, 2014 | 3:52 pm

Organizations want professor’s and journalist’s kidnappers to stand trial

Santo Domingo.- Several organizations on Monday asked Justice minister Francisco Domínguez to request a trial against those who kidnapped and possibly murdered journalist and university professor Narciso González (Narcisazo).

The Santo Domingo State University (UASD) Workers Union; the Narciso González Magisterial Front, and the Narciso González Sports and Cultural Space made the request today to commemorate the 20 years since his disappearance, which many sectors call a State execution.

In the document, the organizations call on Dominguez to include the National District Prosecutor’s Office to open a trial against those named as responsible for the alleged crime, as well as the Justice Ministry’s Human Rights Unit to oversee the case.

They note that in the original investigation were charged a general who at the time of González disappearance was head of Air Force Intelligence; a Lt Colonel who was head of operations of the Air Force Intelligence Dept, as well as a Maj. Gen. who had been the Secretary of the Armed Forces, all during the last term in office of the late president Joaquin Balaguer (1994 to 1996).

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