Local May 30, 2014 | 3:06 pm

Dominican Republic police halt ‘mobs’ as Glencore mine flap flares

La Vega, Dominican Republic.- The National Police on Friday stopped several busloads of people from Bonao (central) headed to La Vega to protest bishop Antonio Camilo’s opposition to Glencore Falcondo’s planned mine at Loma Miranda.

The demonstrators who favor the mine said they sought to deliver a letter to the prelate and accused the police of hijacking their bus.

In a statement to outlet eldia.com.do, Falcondo called the police action an attack on democracy. They said the participants "would’ve come to the Cathedral peacefully to deliver the document to the bishop. They are the same that have been waiting at the entrance to Loma Miranda without any incident during three days."

Law enforcement agencies were alerted Thursday night that groups of people would form mobs and head to Camilo’s house today in reprisal for his opposition to the mining of Loma Miranda by Falcondo.

Meanwhile the radical priest Rogelio Cruz and dozens of parishioners are camped out in front of La Vega’s Cathedral and the bishop’s house to “prevent any attempt of aggression against our bishop.”

Cruz says Monseñor Noel province senator Félix Nova and Falcondo are behind the protest against Camilo, who announced he’ll receive a commission of his detractors next week to hear their opinions.

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