Local June 2, 2014 | 8:06 am

Catholic Church slams lawmakers on ‘sweet beans’ scandal

Santiago.-The Office of the Archbishop on Sunday accused lawmakers of undermining the dignity of people in need with "handouts and alms that enslave" instead of solving the poverty and misery in which many Dominican families still live under.

It said the legislators forget they encourage "a cronyism which becomes a stone on the road and prevents freedom of movement to human dignity."

The Catholic Church’s statement in its weekly newspaper Camino titled "The piñata" questions the lawmaker’s attitudes of members of use taxpayers’ money to hand out gifts on special dates, such as on mother’s day and on Easter.

It said legislators should learn the Chinese proverb that it’s ‘better to teach to fish than give a fish.’

"When there’s still the bitter taste of habichuela con dulce (sweet beans) during Easter week, sponsored by legislators, spending 176 million pesos on this action, now surprise us with gifts to mothers."

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