Local June 3, 2014 | 11:40 am

New Deputy wastes no time to slam the Minister of Justice

Santo Domingo.- Vinicio Castillo Seman didn’t take long after taking the oath of Deputy to rail against political foe and Justice ministry Francisco Dominguez, by noting that judiciary isn’t functioning and blames it for the rising crime.

He said killing criminals won’t resolve the problem and that it’s the repeat offenders who are killing the country.

Castillo, pro-government FNP party deputy for the National District, said the issue of crime has been misguided. "The solution is not for the police to kill them. If Dominican justice was working, what we need is ask ourselves is why were those criminals in the streets."

"If the judiciary were working we would be stunned with this crime. Whenever a robbery or an assassination occurs we see that those responsible were released without having been tried, which is a cancer and that is what we have to attack."

The lawmaker said he regrets that citizens seem to agree with the executions of criminals, which he opposes.


Castillo’s father and senior government official, Marino Vinicio Castillo has confronted Dominguez in several occasions, the most notable in the alleged corruption case involving U.S. senator Bob Melendez and prominent doctor Salomon Melgen.

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