Local June 3, 2014 | 1:51 pm

Zany merengue star nabbed after high speed chase, journalist says

Santo Domingo.- A prominent show business journalist on Tuesday revealed that zany merengue star Antonio Peter de la Rosa “Omega’s” arrest was the result of a high speed chase after fleeing from a nightclub where he performed around midnight Monday.

Aridio Castillo said Omega “sped like the wind out of the disco” and was chased for a long span along the 27 de Febrero avenue, but “had to finally turn himself in.”

Speaking in his daily segment in the Clorvision program El Show del Medio Dia, the journalist said the National Police’s Fugitive Capture Task Force conducted the stakeout and subsequent arrest. “It wasn’t as if he said I had a fever and now I’m fine and I came to surrender or nothing like that. It wasn’t like that at all.”

He said Omega’s brazen high speed chase started when he borrowed a vehicle from the owner of the Euphoria Disco on Venezuela Av., Santo Domingo East, where he held a concert. “He borrowed the car from the club’s owner and sped away with the cops giving chase.”

The singer was taken to the penitentiary at Rafey, Santiago where he’ll spend three months of court-ordered pre-trial detention.

De la Rosa, also known as "El Fuerte," was declared a fugitive on May 22 by the Santiago District Appellate Court.

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