Local June 13, 2014 | 12:44 pm

Tourism development could keep Dominicans at the border, lawmaker

Santo Domingo.- The Government of the Dominican Republic must set forth a strategic plan to develop tourism which benefits inhabitants of the border region and ensures the permanence of Dominicans in the area.

Pro-government FNP party deputy Vinicio Castillo Seman said the project could start in Pedernales (southwest) and Montecristi (northwest), two areas with numerous tourist attractions.

"Implementing a tourism development policy in the border area, especially at Montecristi and Pedernales, must demand the projects’ strict compliance with the laws to build and operate, such as requiring that 80% of the labor force be Dominican and 20% foreign," the lawmaker said.

He said the Government could bolster the policy of tax breaks for foreign and local private investment, which can operate at the border area, and measures to ensure that they’re investments with significant social impact in border area provinces, especially to create jobs for Dominicans.

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