Local June 17, 2014 | 2:20 pm

Shippers call ports x-ray service ‘alarming corruption’

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic Shippers Association president Teddy Heinsen on Tuesday stressed concern with the "alarming corruption” which he affirms aims to justify and present as normal the monopoly in x-ray services to check merchandise at ports and airports.

He said those actions and decisions are what have sunk the country’s rank to 123 among 177 nations designated as the world’s most corrupt. "We’re surprised and concerned abount how they want to establish monopolies in frank violation of article 50 of the Constitution. This is serious."

Heinsen referred to the government’s x-ray machine contract with the company ICSSOI since 2012, which he affirms the shippers staunchly oppose.

He said the Association would never oppose projects that seek increased security and transparency at the ports, such as the installation of x-ray digital imaging equipment, but does object an agreement to control a monopoly. "Safety is the top component for our entire ports logistics chain."

Heinsen spoke during the association’s monthly luncheon, with business leader and EDUCA president Elena Viyella de Paliza as guest speaker.

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