Local June 26, 2014 | 7:14 am

The country’s ‘dark interests’ sabotage National Park bill

Santo Domingo.- “Dark interests” which have to be uncovered by lawmakers and the Dominican people pressed the Chamber of Deputies to reject the Senate’s version of the bill to create Loma Miranda National Park on Wednesday.

The statement by La Vega province senator Euclides Sanchez comes just hours after the Chamber of Deputies rejected the Senate’s amendments to the bill.

For Senate president Reinaldo Pared, his colleagues had exercised their independence and made “the decision that best suits” the country. “Do people think that being here, senator Euclides Sanchez, the most fervent promoter of creating Loma Miranda National Park, we would do something not above board?”

Meanwhile La Vega deputy Ramon Rogelio Genao had predicted “difficulties” facing the proposed legislation after the Senate approved it, fuelling suspicions that those “dark” interests would undermine the efforts to create the National Park on lands where Glencore Falcondo sought to extract nickel ore.

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