Local June 27, 2014 | 8:47 am

Ethics chief opposes parole for kingpin’s paramour

Santiago.- Ethics Commission director Marino Vinicio Castillo warned Thursday that the “benign punishment” allowed to members of criminal networks such as the parole given to Sobeida Félix, sends a bad message.

The official said the current criminal procedural code needs to be amended since in his view it’s too easy for convicts to be set free.

He said more severity is required to continue setting the example to families "This shouldn’t be seen as a fashion show when we’re talking about people that form part of drug trafficking gangs."

Although he acknowledges the judges’ authority to take those measures, as was done with the paramour of Puerto Rican kingpin José Figueroa Agosto, the official warns that their type of criminal actions must be taken into account, to keep them off the streets.

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