Local June 30, 2014 | 3:44 pm

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Loma Miranda protest unleashes major traffic jam on main highway

Bonao, Dominican Republic.- Hundreds of motorists were caught in a kilometers-long traffic jam on the Duarte highway at the Bonao-La Vega span Monday morning, from a march led by radical priest Rogelio Cruz to demand that Loma Miranda be declared National Park.

Cruz demanded that the Chamber of Deputies end the delay in approving the bill which creates a National Park in the area of around 30 square kilometers.

The protesters halted the march at the highway’s exit to San Francisco, 500 meters from Loma Miranda.

The deputies had sent bill back to the Senate, rejecting the senators’ amendments and ratified the legislation they originally passed.

The opponents to Glencore Falcondo’s planned nickel mine on Friday called a “green national protest day” on July 10 announced a march to Congress Tuesday morning starting at the Santo Domingo State University UASD at 9am.

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