Local July 7, 2014 | 10:44 am

Business leader agrees with Medina: Prudence with Loma Miranda

Santo Domingo.- The Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries in the Dominican Republic on Monday agreed with president Danilo Medina’s call for prudence when deciding Loma Miranda’s fate, and warned that any decision will have local and international repercussions.

Roundtable president Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas said any final decision must be based on a detailed review of all studies conducted thus far or planned, “to avert a costly and inexcusable mistake.”

“The decision over Loma Miranda would have transcendental political, economic, and social effects,” the business leader said in an emailed statement.

He said it’s prudent to avoid a hasty decision, since if mining was allowed at Loma Miranda and the exploitation affects the environment, “that would inacceptable for all.”

On the other hand Gonzalez noted that if Loma Miranda was declared a National Park and studies reveal that mining in that area doesn’t affect the environment, “then the decision would be incorrect and harmful to all.”

It would be very damaging to the interests of most Dominicans and at the same time would project Dominican Republic abroad as unreliable for foreign investment.”

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