Local July 10, 2014 | 12:49 pm

Toting bibles, Catholics, Protestants ask U.S. envoy to leave

Santo Domingo.- Toting bibles and carrying pickets rejecting homosexuality, dozens of members of Dominican Republic’s Catholic and Protestant churches on Thursday went to the National Palace to request the departure of United States Ambassador James Brewster.

In a document delivered to the Presidency, of the Evangelical organization United for a Nation coordinator Javier Paulino accused Washington’s envoy is conducting gay activism activities, which the religious leader says goes against the Dominican Constitution and God’s command.

He warned that if the gay and lesbian community continues its activities aimed at what he affirms is changing the concept of marriage, they’ll send more than two million evangelicals to the streets.

Several social organizations that joined the protest said the fact that an ambassador presents a person of the same sex as their spouse reveals a lack of respect to the Dominican family.

For the reverend and National Fellowship of Pastors Council president Gilda Peralta, the protest is just a preview of their "Grand march against gay activism,” scheduled for July 22.

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