Local July 29, 2014 | 8:44 am

Diabetes affects 18.1% of Dominicans in the U.S., report

New York.- Diabetes is present in 18.1% of Dominicans residing in the United States, according to a report on health released in Washington, conducted by the National Institute of the Heart, Lung and Blood (NIH) based in the American capital.

Puerto Ricans also suffer in the same percentage, 18.1%,while 18.3% of Mexicans suffer from the ailment compared with just 10.2% of Americans with the disease.

The report also says 17.1% of Central Americans and 13.4% of Cubans suffer from diabetes. It says prevalence varies according to age and gender and among Hispanic women it’s 50% and men up to 74 years of age is 44.3%.

The study underlines that the risk among Hispanics of contracting type 2 diabetes increases as patients spend more time living in the U.S.

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