Local August 5, 2014 | 9:49 am

Opposition party proposes tougher Naturalization Law enforcement

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s opposition party (PRD) oon Monday submitted to the Government 10 proposals to enforce Naturalization Regularization Law 169-14.

It said to prove their status when applying for regularization, a foreigner should provide an identification document from their country of origin, of at least one of the applicant’s parents, to show “that the Dominican State doesn’t create the status of a stateless person.”

PRD president Miguel Vargas suggested that the Executive Branch declare an alert, and bolster security along the entire border, during the alien regularization process, “to prevent the amassing of illegal immigrants wanting to exploit this process irregularly.”

In the document delivered by a PRD commission, Vargas says all application submitted should be supervised, monitored and evaluated by representative of the Catholic Church, civil society, media directors and every party present in Congress.

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