Local October 2, 2014 | 5:10 pm

‘Put a cork in it,’ Dominican Republic’s Chief Justice tells gabby judges

Santo Domingo.- For the first time in history Dominican Republic’s Chief Justice on Thursday instructed all judges to cease issuing statements on the suspension of court proceedings and the workings of the Judiciary.

"The Presidency of the Supreme Court disavows any suspension regarding work requirements, and warns that any action which aims to destabilize such service shall be drastically punished," said chief justice Mariano German.

"Under any circumstances, we cannot accept actions that subvert or destabilize the normal course of the hearings in the courts; Therefore, any call in that sense is unauthorized," said the Chief Justice a press release.

"We’re the official voice of the judiciary and therefore no judge or member of the Judiciary Council can make statements related to the service of Justice," German said, adding that the administration of Justice is a public service, for which it cannot be suspended or interrupted.

Gabby judges

Contrary to his predecessor Jorge Subero, German has kept a low profile in a country whose judges are prone to chasing microphones.

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