Local October 3, 2014 | 8:02 am

Permanent electricity to military facilities to improve border security

Santo Domingo.- Defense minister William Muñoz on Thursday said the supply of permanent electricity to the more than 50 military garrisons and border posts will improve the quality of life of soldiers, as well as vigilance and security from Pedernales (south) to Dajabón (north).

Accompanied by Rural and Suburban Electrification Unit (REUS) director Thelma Eusebio and Army commander José Eugenio Matos, the official announced the first stage of the project to provide permanent power to the barracks with solar panels.

He said the REUS project will improve the living conditions of the soldiers deployed along the border, adding that permanent electricity of the military facilities will also lead to more efficient patrols, communications and surveillance.

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