Local November 1, 2014 | 10:00 am

Alejandrina German: Re-election is not on the president’s agenda

Santo Domingo.– Alejandrina German, a member of the PLD Political Committee, said that due to his popularity and high levels of acceptance, Danilo Medina would easily win the next election.

German also said that because his values it would be difficult for the President to ask for a reform of the Constitution only to be re-elected.

When interviewed by the TV program "AN7 Al Amanecer", about the re-election chances of President Medina, Alejandrina German considered that the president himself must give his opinion at the right time whether or not he aspires to stay in power for four more years.

"Those who know President Danilo Medina know that he would find it difficult to suggest a new constitutional amendment just to allow him to be re-elected. However, that would be a decision he should inform the Political Committee, which is the entity responsible for deciding on the appropriate time what is best for the country," said German.

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