Local November 3, 2014 | 7:38 am

Justice Ministry vows thorough probe of attempted jailbreak killed 6

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry on Sunday said the case of the attempted jailbreak which caused six deaths at Najayo prison is the target of a serious and thorough investigation, without sensationalism, kid gloves or scapegoats.

"Those responsible will be identified, arrested and brought to justice, but we don’t make a tailored suit against those who have nothing to do with the fact for the simple wish to find a solution to the case, which in no way corresponds to what occurred. We’re making a serious and thorough investigation as the case warrants," said lead prosecutor Bolivar Sanchez.

"We continue to widen the investigation and identify all those responsible for this. We don’t go looking for scapegoats to settle cases because we’re aware that the company deserves clear and convincing answers in this regard are in the process of identifying links with the incident of each of the suspects based on the truth without sensationalism or kid gloves," the official said in a statement.

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