Local November 18, 2014 | 10:46 am

Las Terrenas power company: Shareholder caused fatal sabotage

Samana, Dominican Republic.- The Luz y Fuerza power company of Las Terrenas (northeast) on Monday blamed minority shareholder Jacques Dartout for the alleged sabotage of its facilities and the violence in the beach town, which led to the death of a youngster over the weekend.

It said Dartout planned the sabotage as a reaction to a court ordered eviction of the company’s main office in Las Terrenas. "This is not a social protest, but a conspiracy prepared by Jacques supported by businessmen who have an interest in Luz y Fuerza’s assets, to create an unstable situation in the service and try to fish in troubled waters."

In a statement, the power company said it has operated a 24-7 in energy service during the last 20 years for the resort community, where sabotages have occurred in more than 20 of the grid’s strategic points since Friday, using chainsaws to topple light posts, a task which in its view, only experts can be perform.

It said the practice led to the death of Benjamin Casilla Núñez, who was crushed by a mango tree at Los Puentes, which the company blames on criminals “to affect power lines and prevent vehicle traffic. Casilla was driving a 4-wheeler when he was struck by the light post.

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