Local December 2, 2014 | 12:59 pm

After hijacking, ‘country’s owners’ strike fear in major company

Santo Domingo.- The head of a major construction materials company on Tuesday complained that a bus company it hired to transport its workers who live outside the town of San Cristóbal is being pressured to give up its legal right to provide that service.

Industries Aguayo manager Jorge Aguayo said he expects the National Police and other authorities to deal with the situation as soon as possible, "to ensure the physical integrity of our entire staff and of our contractor."

He blamed a group of bus owners in San Cristóbal affiliated to Conatra, one of the groups called the “country’s owner” for their often violent strikes with apparent impunity.

Conatra “issued a deadline” until Tuesday for officials of the Transport Office (OTTT), to halt the buses which service the company.

"We reiterate that we have the constitutional right to free employment and that their violation sends a bad signal, not only for us but for any investor interested in the country," said Aguayo.

On Monday the OTTT reported the hijacking of a bus of the company Servi Tours in San Cristobal, allegedly by members of the union Fetrapasur, affiliated to Conatra.

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