Local December 11, 2014 | 7:26 am

Scofflaw officials test Dominican Republic’s resolve on corruption

Santo Domingo.- The Accounts Chamber on Wednesday sent to the Justice Ministry the list of officials who failed to submit their financial statements as Law 311-14 stipulates, a measure likely to test Dominican Republic’s resolve in the fight against corruption.

In a letter dated Dec. 9 to Justice minister Francisco Dominguez, Accounts Chamber president Licelott Marte notes that the officials, either appointed or confirmed and in some cases dismissed, are subject to penalties.

"In preparing this list the information that has been submitted by the Executive Branch has been taken into account as well as the information we’ve been able to obtain from the respective agencies, by the Office for the Evaluation and Oversight of the Assets of Public Officials," the letter says.

It also notes that if some names of officials have been omitted, they would be sent as soon as possible.

The Chamber of Accounts was served court papers on Tuesday with a 15-day deadline to remit to the Justice Ministry the names of officials who failed to comply with the law on financial statements.

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