Local December 30, 2014 | 11:11 am

Peru corruption case links Dominican Senator, firms: Acento

Santo Domingo.- While former Peru president Alejandro Toledo welcomes the last day of 2015 at his beach house in the resort Punta Sal, Tumbes region, in Lima anti-money laundering, prosecutors launched a preliminary probe into the alleged entry and use of ‘dark’ money from Dominican Republic, in his last bid for the presidency, which could lead to criminal charges against the former Peruvian leader.

Lima outlet Peru21.com reports that the 1st Supra-provincial Anti Money Laundering Prosecutor launched the preliminaries inquiry a few days ago, into the four Dominican contributors to Toledo’s party who figure in a money laundering and corruption complaint in the Caribbean nation, a situation the outlet revealed October 31.

“In that regard, that Justice Ministry instance last week requested official information from the National Elections Board (JNE), the National Electoral Processes Office (ONPE) and from Peru Posible (party) on the financing of the ‘chakana’ presidential campaign for 2011, and particularly the amounts received from foreign contributors, three companies and a Dominican entrepreneur among them,” reports Dominican outlet acento.com.do, quoting sources related to the case.

The Office of the prosecutor Marco Antonio Cardenas has also requested documents from Dominican Republic’s Supreme Court, where an embezzlement case was opened a few weeks ago against senator Felix Bautista, who delivered the checking the party ‘chakano’; Carlos Ozoria, whose name is listed as a contributor to the ONPE; and other alleged accomplices Dominican legislator said.

Acento reports that the Dominican companies Hormigones del Caribe, Construcciones y Diseños, and Inmobiliaria Hemisferio also figure in the probe, which the ONPE also registers them as campaign contribuitors to Perú Posible.

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