Local January 2, 2015 | 12:18 pm

General confirms: Haitians kidnap Dominican workers, soldiers (Update)

Pedernales, Dominican Republic.- Haiti Police and Dominican Border (Cesfront) guards Friday morning clashed with civilians from the neighboring country who kidnapped six Dominican Consulate workers, three soldiers and two Dominican civilians in reprisals for the arrest of several Haitian fishermen, affirmed Cesfront director Gen. Carlos Aguirre.

The official confirmed the incidents to outlet elnacional.com.do, and said there were no reports of injuries.

He said the clash led to the after Haitian conduct a protest against the Dominican consulate in Anse-a-Pitre, demanding the release of the detained Haitian fishermen.

Haitians reportedly kidnapped six employees and three soldiers and the civilians Erickson Hernandez (Barceló) and Wilson Pérez, who were being held in Haiti as of midmorning.

FILE.- The confiscation of several Haitian boats by the Dominican Navy has led to a clash in that border area Friday morning, hampering business of the bi-national market held Mondays and Fridays, outlet listin.com.do reports.

The conflict has reportedly led to the detention of several Dominican consulate officials Haitian territory, in town of Anse-a-Pitre, although not confirmed by authorities.

It reports hearing several shots fired and clashes between citizens of both countries in the area, which prompted people who were on the Haitian side to flee across the border into Dominican territory.

Meanwhile inhabitants of the Haitian town have blocked the road to their side of the border in reprisal, halting the traffic of Dominican nationals and vehicles to the area.

Te Border Security Corp (Cesfront) and the military have heightened security in the area to prevent further clashes, with no reports of injuries.

The Navy reportedly has been interdicting the boats in operations during the last several months, in response to fish poaching in the area.

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