Local January 10, 2015 | 9:21 am

Hipolito Mejia to meet with followers and leaders in Bonao

Bonao, DR.– Former president Hipolito Mejia, who announced in December he’ll seek the presidential nomination for 2016 on the ballots of the recently created PRM and the minotiry opposition Convergence parties, will meet with leaders and followers in Bonao, in the Monseñor Noel province (central).

The meeting is scheduled for 4 pm Sunday at the headquarters of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), where the political leader will speak to promote the message of unity that must prevail in the recently-created political organization.

Mejia will also meet with other sectors and relevant personalities of Bonao, in order to listen priority needs this central Cibao province demands. As reported in El Nuevo Diario, the former Dominican president will seek to motivate solutions and initiatives among his followers.

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