Local January 23, 2015 | 8:29 am

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Authorities warn of heightened actions against noise

Santo Domingo.- The National Emergency System 9-1-1, the Environment Ministry and the Greater Santo Domingo city councils will start regulating the giant loudspeakers called "discolight" and other advertizing politicians use legally.

In a National Palace press conference, Presidency deputy minister and 9-1-1 spokeswoman Zoraima Cuello said the councils, political, and religious organizations and other groups have to respect the laws regulating the use sound equipment.

She said thus far there’s been compliance with established norms to control allowable noise, according to established schedules and areas.

She said while politicians or any person can obtain a permit to promote a candidacy or whatever, they cannot do so with equipment like "blaring discolights," because she affirms affects public health.

She said everyone is now aware that prior to buying speakers and that type of mechanism that they could be confiscated, “or have to be subjected to an investigation."

The official said noise pollution has the same magnitude and priority of an emergency such as fire, theft, “or other critical situations that require immediate attention," and urged the public not to despair, and to call many times, because the telephone lines could be congested.

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