Local January 26, 2015 | 8:54 am

Luis Abinader says there will be an exemplary race, but never division

Santo Domingo.– Presidential candidate for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) Luis Abinader on Sunday launched his candidacy for that organization with a ceremony in which he pledged that, despite the competition there will be no division.

He said the commitment is not making the same mistakes of the past which have distanced the opposition from the Dominican people and the voters.

Abinader said that at the next convention "we must pull the nail without cracking the table," alluding phrases on prudence that late leader Jose Francisco Peña Gomez used to say.

"Our leadership in the PRM shall guarantee external and internal democracy, consensus and civilized coexistence, and therefore we will definitively reject the rants and sterile discussions, and undemocratc actions," Abinader pointed out.

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