Local February 5, 2015 | 4:07 pm

The country’s ‘owners’: 3 murders and downtown brawls

Santo Domingo.- With stones and machetes in hand, several men on Thursday attacked supporters of councilman Ericsson de los Santos, during a picket in front of the National District Office of the Prosecutor since early morning, just days after the murders of several drivers of the transport unions known as the “country’s owners.”

The demonstrators who support opposition the opposition PRD party Councilman in the town of Pedro Brand said they didn’t know their attackers, likely to be members of a rival group.

"We were peacefully waiting for our lunch in the park and these people came to cause trouble," said one supporter of de los Santos, who’s charged with heading to a group of contract killers who allegedly gunned down at least three drivers over control of passenger routes.

The brawl panicked the people around the courthouse at Ciudad Nueva, where the Office of the Prosecutor is expected to request pretrial detention against de los Santos, arrested Wednesday during a raid conducted at his Pedro Brand residence, 30 kilometers north of the capital.

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