Local February 7, 2015 | 7:48 am

Catholic Church: Journalists cannot be killed just because they think differently

Santo Domingo.– The Catholic Church has criticized those who seek to "shoot" reporters Huchi Lora, Juan Bolivar Diaz, Amelia Deschamps and Roberto Cavada, because they think differently to a sector of Dominican society, on the issue of Haitian migration.

The church is alarmed at the death threats to the four Dominican journalists, warning those who seek to silence journalists that ideas are fought with ideas, but not with the force that destroys life.

Through an editorial published in Camino weekly, the church acknowledges that regarding the Haitian immigration in the country there are many complicities, which seem to be easier to be covered with extreme nationalism.

The Catholic Church says that "in times when the international community does not come out of shock and amazement due to the cruelty and barbarity of the Islamic State, we find people in our country asking for the public execution of four journalists."

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