Local February 9, 2015 | 10:10 am

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Despite ecologists’ gripes, north region depredation continues

Santo Domingo.- Despite ecologists and environmentalists’ constant complaints, the depredation of natural resources not only continues in the Cibao region (north), it has worsened in recent weeks.

In addition to the Septentrional (northern) Mountain Range, amber miners are ravaging the hills around the towns of Juan López and Villa Trina, near Moca, spurred by disinterested Environment Ministry officials.

Also, the Bao River important water source on the southern rural area of Santiago, is undermined with the extraction of materials, with the allegation that undergoes a process of "dredging".

Environmentalist and former Cibao Ecological Society (SOECI) president Nelson Bautista says excavations in the Northern Range and the hills near Moca damage the environment and the areas’ huge natural resources.

The environmentalist, interviewed by diariolibre.com.do, said if the authorities are serious they should visit Diego de Ocampo peak and the villages of El Palmar, near Villa González, Cumbre de Juan Veras, La Cumbre and Palo Amarillo in the tourist road, to see the persistent devastation for themselves. "The numerous tunnels make them look like a honeycomb, private lands have been invaded, the river banks fully preyed upon by amber miners."

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