Local February 18, 2015 | 8:51 am

Taxpayers can only expect ‘moral sanction’ for cooked books

Santo Domingo.- Most govt. agencies audited by the Accounts Chamber fail to respond to its observations and recommendations for financial analyses, while taxpayers have no other recourse than observe the “high moral sanction” for corrupt officials.

Chamber president Licelott Marte on Tuesday said once notified of the audit, an agency has 90 days to submit documents proving that the observations were addressed.

When asked if the agencies which fail to respond are penalized Marte said: "It’s an entity’s failure to observe which it will have to address in the next audit, and I think that it’s a very high moral sanction for those who manage funds that don’t belong to them."

Speaking at the Central Electoral Board on compliance of Chamber recommendations by govt. agencies, Marte said "very few, we could say that none of the entities comply with this mandate.”

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